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Drumstick Theme 3


Wrong Prophet album cover open field blue sky

With the Wrong Prophet

I had the pleasure to record on Indie singer-songwriter The Wrong Prophet’s debut album, released in September, 2019. I play drums on each song except for the last one. Please check it wherever you get your music!

Ben Bostick Grown Up Love album cover two people dancing

With Ben Bostic

I’m always happy to perform and record some vibraphone for interesting, well-written music and Ben Bostick embodies those qualities in his songwriting and performing. Check out his new record, Grown Up Love and the two songs that I contributed to, “Shades of Night” and “The Diagnosis.”

Luke Weathington photo Video Game Alliance video

With Luke Weathington's Video Game Alliance

One of the great pleasures (and big learning experiences) I’ve had during pandemic has been recording drums from home on some very cool projects. Luke is an amazing saxophonist, musician, and educator who I’ve had to pleasure of touring and playing in groups with for over 8 years now. Check out his newest project featuring Tim Aucoin (bass), Patrick Arthur (guitar), John Boulware (fiddle), and myself on drums.

Tommy Ward Photo Straighten up and Fly Right video

With Tommy Ward

I've had the pleasure and honor of recording with vocalist Tommy Ward for a few of his youtube releases including "Straighten Up and Fly Right."

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